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Approved facility for the complete  range of AVSTAR  MA/HA  carburettors, Marvel Schebler and its predecessors carburettors MA/HA. Our standard overhaul option includes the replacement of all mandatory, non serviceable and many non mandatory items. We carry a comprehensive range of parts and a full range of AVStar parts enabling very quick turnaround times. We also have a large stock holding for Overhauled exchange Carburettors for instant dispatch.

Fuel Servos

We can overhaul, repair, bench test and calibrate AVStar, Precision and Bendix RSA 5, RSA 7 and RSA 10 series fuel servos.

Our usual overhaul turnaround time is 2-3 days and we also carry a growing stock of overhauled exchange fuel servos.


Flow Dividers and Nozzles

We also have capability in our fuel system workshop to be able to overhaul, repair and bench test flow dividers and nozzles from AVStar, TCM, Lycoming, Bendix, Precision and Kelly aerospace.

When we overhaul flow divider and nozzles we calibrate the components together so that you get a matched set of flow rates. If required we can adjust the flow rates so that the rear nozzles flow more than the front giving a much more even running engine and cylinder head temperatures.



Fuel Pumps

Also included in our capability list is approval for overhaul, repair, bench test and calibrate rotary fuel pumps such as TCM, Lear Romec, Crane and Kelly aerospace.

We offer cost effective prices and quick turnaround times as all work is carried out in house and we carry a comprehensive range of spare parts.




We can overhaul, repair, diagnose and carry out 500Hr inspections on TCM/Bendix, Dual Magnetos and Slick Magnetos alone or as part of an engine overhaul, shock load or overspeed.

We carry a full and comprehensive stock of spares allowing us to provide same day 500 Hr inspections and a 1-2 day lead time on overhauls. Nicholson McLaren Aviation also carry a growing stock of new and overhaul exchange magnetos




Turbo Controllers

Also included in our capability list is approval for overhaul, repair, bench test and calibration of Continental Motors and Lycoming Turbo controllers; such as Overboost Valves, Wastegates, Wastegate Controllers, Density and Differencial pressure controllers.

Propeller Governor

Nicholson McLaren Aviation overhaul, repair and stock service exchange aircraft propeller governors to include Hartzell, Woodward, and McCauley. Our in house capability enables us to repair or overhaul your aircraft propeller governor in-house within 2-3 days due to our extensive stock holding of spares. Nicholson McLaren Aviation aim to get you back in the air as soon as possible.

We can carry out repairs and overhauls on your Propeller Governor if sent in separate or with your engine for overhaul.





All fuel components are fully tested before being released to service with an EASA form 1 or FAA Release.