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Non Destructive Testing (NDT)

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Nicholson McLaren holds a D1 non destructive test rating in magnetic particle and fluorescent dye penetrant inspection. Our fully equipped NDT laboratory can process a multitude of components to the latest ASTM standards with all equipment calibrated and traceable to British Standards. Overseen by a responsible Level 3 we currently have two certified Level 2 inspectors who perform testing for Automotive, Motorsport and Aerospace applications.

Nicholson McLaren boasts a purpose built water washable fluorescent dye penetrant line. Whilst generally used to find surface discontinuities in non-ferrous components such as castings or aluminium extrusions; ferrous components can also be tested. It is a cost effective NDT method that is suitable for individual components or large batches. Most specifications can be catered for that are based on ASTM standards.

Fluorescent Penetrant Testing

Magnetic Particle Inspection (MPI)

Nicholson McLaren are the proud owners of an 8 foot wet horizontal Magnaflux machine with a large diameter 10 turn coil. This allows the testing of large components without the need for prods or yokes. It provides a fast repeatable method of testing ferrous components for surface and sub-surface discontinuities that might lead to the ultimate failure of the part. Once again most specifications can be catered for that are based on ASTM standards.

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