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To all at Nicholson McLaren

Just over three years ago you carried out a rebuild on our IO-360-KB2B engine. I would like to send a belated thanks to you all for an excellent job that is second to none. Since the engine was rebuilt it has accumulated between 5 and 6 hundred hours without any problem and consumes only 1 litre of oil for every 50 hours flown in Cessna R172K. Our close neighbours have opted for more expensive factory re-builds with less impressive results! Keep up the good work

Kind Regards

Jarlath Conneely

Nicholson McLaren,

Further to my telephone call to you last week to say thanks, I'm following it up with this e mail.We have now run our zero timed O-320 for about 17 hours and it's very smooth. We aim to keep the rpm at between 2400 and 2600 rpm wherever possible with temperatures and pressures all nice and steady and in the green areas. There appears to be no oil leakage at all, and oil consumption has been about 2.5 quarts so far (is this about right for an engine at this stage?) as indicated by 8 quarts on the dipstick at zero time and now showing about 5.5 quarts.

We are seeing good rates of climb that we expected but never really saw before with the previous engine. In addition, although the build took a little longer than forecast, your friendly response to our questions all provided a positive experience for us. I (and I'm sure other group members would join me) would certainly recommend your service to anyone contemplating an engine rebuild.

Best wishes

Chris Royle

On behalf of the G-AVSI flying group.

Dear Nicholson McLaren

Very many thanks to you, Colin and all your people for their work on overhauling my engine and for your time today showing me it being put through its tests.  Thank you, too, to Colin for his meticulous paperwork and detailed measuring.  I really like the fact that you measure all the new components Lycoming cylinders, pistons and rings etc.  It will make me feel “good” when hundreds of miles from land!  Thank you also for offering to put the photographs taken during the rebuild and a copy of the work pack on a CD for me.  That is brilliant.

All the best

Martin Johnston

Nicholson McLaren Aviation

Firstly I would like to thank you not only for getting my engine ready in record time but also for such a superb job. Please convey my thanks also to the engine builder. It is a joy to listen to and the smoothness and power delivery are impressive.

I completed 34 hours mostly over the sea on trip to Jordan without any problems. Your quote was the most competitive and the best and I will recommend you whenever I hear off someone needing an overhaul.

The Hon Gilbert Greenall CBE MD

It has been a pleasure and easy to deal with you and for that I am truly grateful. Thank you and your guys very much for your help, guidance and assistance. I hope I never have to speak to you again under the same circumstances, but will happily recommend you and your business.

Kind Regards

Richard Tomlinson

When Wiltshire Aircraft Maintenance ltd was formed after the death of the founder Doug Ranger, I was appointed to manage the new company. I was left with a list of many and varied companies, that the founder had dealt with over the many years he operated the business, one of the companies was Nicholson Mclaren Aviation at Wokingham Berkshire.  From the outset Dean Chamberlain and his team have proved to me, time and again what skill and professionalism all aviation supply companies could and should aspire to.  Over the past 4 years they have provided a Quality and a cost effective service to all our Overhaul and repair requirements. All requests, no matter what, were completed with a “can do attitude” delivered on time and on budget.

Our customers are aware that using Nicholson Mclaren Aviation adds that “Confidence in Quality” to the Overhauled parts we fit to their pride and joy.

Ken Greenwood    Manager, Wiltshire Aircraft Maintenance Ltd

Airways Aero Associations have been a very satisfied customer of Nicholson-McLaren Aviation since they expanded into the world of General Aviation in 2006. They have overhauled most of the engines for our Airways Flying Club aircraft as well as many for our third party customers.

In addition to overhauling engines, we also use NMA for overhauling and repairing magnetos, carburetors and other engine accessories. They provide a high quality service, on time and at a very competitive cost and look forward to continue being a customer for many more years to come.

Airways Aero Associations Ltd Engineering Department

Hi Dean,

I'm a little embarrassed it has taken so long to reach out to you after getting our engine back for our aeroplane but I wanted to express our sincerest thanks to you and your team for the engine repair. We got the aircraft back about 3 weeks ago and she is running well. I pleased to say the engine is performing well.


Thanks for all the help you have provided, allowing us to be part of the process, giving us a tour around your excellent facilities. It has been a total pleasure dealing with your company. I would definitely recommend your company to others. Cheers!


Kind regards, Stuart, Pierre & MW Syndicate