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Overhauled engines in the UK and across the world

Are you looking for aviation engine overhauls?

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Aviation Engines
Nicholson McLaren Aviation are a modern engine build shop with EASA Part 145 Approval to carry out overhauls (zero hour), shockload inspections and overspeed inspections on Textron Lycoming and Continental Aerospace Technologies normally aspirated and turbo engines, direct drive, geared including left and right hand rotation engines.
We also have EASA Part 145 coverage for Carburettors, Fuel Servos, Flow Dividers, Nozzles, Turbo Controllers, Wastegates, Wastegate controllers, Density Controllers, Differential Controller, Propeller Governors (CSU) and Magnetos.



Our overhauled aviation engines

All our overhauled aviation engines come with all the mandatory replacement parts as per the latest revision of the manufacturers overhaul manual plus all the NEW or overhauled components listed below as standard.

  • Magnetos (NEW slick magnetos, Overhauled Bendix magneto or Overhauled Dual Magneto)
  • Ignition harness (NEW)
  • Genuine cylinder kits (NEW)
  • Tappet bodies (NEW)
  • Camshaft assembly (NEW)
  • Hydraulic plungers (NEW)
  • Starter motor (NEW) on fixed wing
  • Alternator (Overhauled) on Rotary Wing
  • Ring gear (NEW)
  • Carburettor (Overhauled or NEW AVStar)
  • Fuel servo (Overhauled)
  • Flow divider (Overhauled)
  • Nozzles (Overhauled)
  • Fuel pump (AC type=NEW) or (rotary type=Overhauled)
  • Fuel pump plunger (NEW)
  • Connecting rod nuts and bolts (NEW)
  • Lycoming Crankshaft gear (NEW)
  • Crankshaft bearings (NEW)
  • Connecting rod bearings (NEW)
  • Counterweights (Overhauled)
  • Gasket set (NEW)
  • Induction and drain hoses (new)
  • Spark plugs (NEW)
*All parts are 100% Genuine, All Overhauled Parts are Overhauled In-house


The real difference between NMA and Factory Engines explained

What we offer

We offer a cost-effective service and quick turnaround times.

All NMA overhauled aviation engines are built by skilled trained engineers in a clinical F1 style build shop, all engineers have access to the latest manuals through online subscriptions. All our Engineers take pride and care in building the engine as if their own family would be flying with the engine. All major tasks are dual inspected by trained inspectors. Quality standards and procedures far exceed minimum approval requirements.

All our overhauled aviation engines are released with a full engine test on our state of the art dynamometer test bench with a full power run report supplied showing BHP. We pride ourselves on first-class preparation, build and after sales assistance should you require it. All components are overhauled and tested in house to allow us full control over our quality and timescales.

If you do decide to send your engine to Nicholson McLaren Aviation we will supply you weekly emails and photographs to update you of the progress of your engine. We also operate an open door policy for our customers so we are more than happy for you to come and view your engine whilst it is at our facility.

If the thought of downtime is a worrying fact for you then we have a solution. We have a large range of Continental Aerospace Technologies and Textron Lycoming exchange engines ready for you so, in theory, you could have your engine removed and the new one installed straight away giving you minimal AOG times.

At Nicholson McLaren Aviation, every aviation engine goes through our strict quality control procedures and processes to ensure that only a 100% quality engine is released. We will continue to inform you if an applicable SB or AD comes out after we have shipped the engine. We offer a 2 year 500Hr warranty on all overhauls and 1 year 250Hr on all repairs.

NMA are UK based and can therefore react quickly to any warranty issue and when practical send an engineer to carry out any required repairs (typically 48Hrs) no time zone difference so can help/advise in real time.

Download our full capability list