Lycoming Engines

We Overhaul, Repair and Test the complete range Lycoming Engines from the O-235-L2C, as installed in a Cessna 152, all the way through to TIO-540-J2BD engine as installed on the  Piper Navajo.

Nicholson McLaren Aviation also undertake an offical Lycoming engine overhaul of the full range installed in piston engine helicopters such as the Robinson, Schweizer and Guimbal.

All of our repaired or overhauled Lycoming engines are built using the latest revision of Genuine Lycoming Parts and in accordance with the latest Lycoming approved manufacturer’s technical data and specifications – ensuring that all the applicable current Service Bulletins and Aircraft Directives have been complied with.

Nicholson McLaren offers fast turnaround of Lycoming engine overhauls and Lycoming engine repairsto minismise your time spent on the ground. We perform Lycoming engine shockload to a complete Lycoming engine overhaul by our experienced in-house technicians – guaranteeing the highest quality of workmanship.

We stock a range of Lycoming engines for exchange from Lycoming O-235 to O-360 & TIO-540 engines and as well as a warehouse of Lycoming parts and accessories at the ready.

Nicholson McLaren Aviation is able to offer the best Lycoming engine overhaul and repair turnaround times in the UK. Get in touch today.

More about Lycoming Engines

Lycoming began in 1845 as the Demorest Manufacturing Company producing sewing machines and bicycles in Williamsport, PA. The machinery always hinted at greater things were to come. Becoming Lycoming Foundry and Machine Company in 1907, Lycoming developed automobile engines in a market driven by the needs of a nation at war.

Inspired by Charles Lindberg trans-Atlantic flight, Lycoming began developing aviation aircraft engines. Starting in 1929 aviation would never be the same. The first Lycoming R-680, a 9-cylinder 200 hp piston-driven radial engine left the assembly line and established a new standard in general aviation. Lycoming piston engines continue to evolve today as they develop advanced technologies to remain the power behind general aviation aircraft.

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Based in Berkshire NMA has the facility to design components, build engines, develop existing engines, manufacture and maintain or repair aviation engines.

Lycoming Engines