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Engine Dyno Test Cell Facility

Our purpose built facility is ideal for OEM’s, Race Teams and Aviation

Precise engine development can only be carried out with a dynamometer in a controlled environment such as in one of our in-house dyno test cells

Performance optimisation is a key part of an engines development and the best results are often achieved when the engine is run and tuned on a dynamometer.

An engine dynamometer (dyno for short) is a test bench used to test an engine that has been removed from a car. The purpose of running an engine on a dyno is to check its performance and to optimise the way that the engine runs under controlled conditions.

Nicholson McLaren use their dyno’s to verify the quality of the engines that we rebuild, in addition our dyno’s are used for bench marking, engine characterisation and fine tuning as part of an engine development program.

We have two independent dyno test cells with the ability to record accurate data, corrected for atmospheric variations and each capable of running an engine with up to 1000hp.

Computerised data logging allows our engineers to capture data, understand how an engine is performing and to identify potential points of the engine run cycle that require optimising by making changes to the map within the engine managements ECU.

Dyno testing is a major part of our Quality Control process for every engine our engineers rebuild. It gives us the capability of running in a fresh built engine in a controlled environment where we can monitor specifically targeted area’s such as cylinder temperatures, lambda control, emissions , coolant temperature, oil temperature and key performance indicators through the rev range.

Nicholson McLaren’s dyno facility is available for R&D projects, development or benchmarking.

True engine development can only be carried out with an engine dynamometer in a controlled environment such as our in-house engine dyno testing facility.

Our in house Engine Dyno facility include engine dynamometers and a our hub dyno. Each testing cell is equipped with comprehensive instrumentation, computer control and data acquisition. A wide range of sensors and probes monitor the engines every beat, together with extensive cooling facilities we can be sure that we are always in full control of an engines running conditions.

The ability to record accurate and repeatable data, corrected for atmospheric variations, allows us to test engines and obtain government power certifications for major manufacturers.


Computerised data logging allows us to collect far more data much quicker and with the ability to overlay data from previous tests, ensures that even small improvements are not missed.

Some of our testing for major manufacturers involves working alongside other companies and race teams.

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