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Why choose us?

The real difference between NMA and Factory Engines explained

NMA overhauled engines are all built to new part limits. Typically built to service limits Factory overhauled built to service part limits, typically with lots of reworked parts factory rebuilt built to new part limits as NMA and factory new
Total Time on engine (TSN) remains Total Time Since Overhaul (TSO) is 00:00 so typically another 12 Years or 2000 Hrs Total Time on engine (TSN) remains. Zero timed on both factory rebuilt and factory new options only. NOT overhauled
NMA always use 100% Genuine Parts therefore qualifies for extended TBO as per the latest version of SI1009 (if applicable) Generally a mix of Genuine and PMA parts and the end user may not be aware (could affect TBO) 100% Genuine Parts therefore qualifies for extended TBO (if applicable)
2 year 500Hr warranty on all overhauls and 1 year 250Hr on all repairs. NMA are UK based and can therefore react quickly to any warranty issue and when practical send an engineer to carry out any required repairs (typically 48Hrs) no time zone difference so can help/advise in real time. Typically 6 months 2 year warranty except 235 models. Warranty repair typically require the engine to be returned back to the factory for evaluation at shippers’ cost, promoting longer down time.
Quoted price may change once the engine has been inspected, we invite you to come and discuss the engine once it has been fully inspected, we can discuss the issues that you have had with the engine. Typically an NMA engine will have more new parts installed than a typical Factory engine and be 10-20% cheaper. From customer feedback the quoted price can often change once the engine has been inspected. Additional unforeseen costs can include replacement or repair of crankshafts and crankcases which can increase the original quoted price considerably. Engine can be built with reusable parts salvaged from other core engines that have been stripped so no true life of engine. You will need to return your like-model complete operating engine, no post shockload or metal contamination issues, Core fee can typically $16,000.00 take 3-4 Months to be returned
All current applicable Service Instructions, Letters, Bulletins & ADs complied with and documented, we will continue to inform you if an applicable SB or AD comes out after we have shipped the engine Not all mandatory Service bulletins carried out All current applicable Service Instructions, Letters, Bulletins & ADs complied with and documented
All NMA Overhauled engines are built by skilled trained engineers in a clinical F1 style build shop all engineers have access to the latest manuals through online subscriptions. All Engineers take pride and care in building the engine as if their own family would be flying with the engine. All major tasks are dual inspected by trained inspectors. Quality standards and procedures far exceed minimum approval requirements. May only conform to the basic minimum approval requirements and not equipped to maintain the same high standard environment and working practices. Production line type assembly process, with more than one engineer to an engine to speed the process up.
All Components, Fuel systems, Bendix Magnetos, Turbo Controllers Connecting Rods and Counterweights overhauled in-house, all NDT carried out in-house we have full quality control on the entire engine. Typically outsourced Typically outsourced on overhauled engines
Engines tested in a state of the art Purpose built F1 computer controlled data logged Dynamometer cell, all with digital calibrated gauges. Typically tested on the wing or in a club prop rig on an airfields without calibrated gauges. Tested in a cell with a club prop
All NMA engines are individually hand built with care within a modern 21st century environment and with state-of-the-art equipment. Typically built in the quickest cheapest manor Built on a production line
Where possible the engines are Collected and Delivered by fully insured NMA Drivers in our fleet of Vans to insure safety through the transport stage. Typically shipped by a courier on a pallet Shipped by a fleet of carriers worldwide
* Data is taken from both factual and documented findings of field overhauled engines. This does not represent a certain shop. All points outlined above should be questioned to your preferred engine shop prior to work commencement.

The real difference between NMA and Factory Engines explained:

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