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Engines Nicholson McLaren

Automotive engine projects in the UK

Cosworth DF Series V8

These engines are our heritage and our engineers remain enthusiastic in servicing or supporting these engines which in the main are raced in historic F1 series around the world.

Jaguar 6 cylinder

Nicholson Mclaren have applied their resources and experience in developing the 3.8 engine for competition use in the E Type Jaguar where our clients have enjoyed various levels of success on the race circuits of Europe.

Jaguar V12

Nicholson McLaren have built a number of Jaguar V12 engines over the years that include the power plant for Lister as used in Le Mans 24 hours, Jaguar XJR 12 Le Mans and the fabulous Broadspeed XJ6 Touring Car.

Porsche Carrera Cup 2012 -2015

Nicholson McLaren provides development support and a verification service to Porsche GB for the current Carrera Cup series. Based on the 911 GT3 the cars on the grid have to be technically identical and with the engine producing 470 BHP reliability is key to a very exciting race series.

Porsche 935

Nicholson Mclaren has recently completed the restoration of the Porsche 935 twin turbo air – cooled engine from the famous Kramer (Jagermeister) car that will be raced in various events in 2016 to include the Le Mans Classic.

Porsche 962

Another Porsche flat 6 but this one is water cooled. Having received the engine after a terminal failure and a con rod through the engine case sourcing parts was always going to be a problem. Fortunately, we managed to source a new (standard) engine casing which after many hours of fettling and with some modifications has been transformed to the correct specification. Pistons, rods and valves were designed and remanufactured whilst period cylinder heads were reworked. This engine will be a major campaigner in the 2016 European Classic Endurance Series and will also feature in the 2016 Le Mans Classic.

Matra V12

Matra was a French race car manufacturer that enjoyed success in the 1970s when their cars had outright wins in 24 hour Le Mans and great success in Formula 1. Nicholson Mclaren has recently completed a major project whereby over a 3-year program they reverse engineered the period Matra V12 engine and manufactured a total of 10 complete new engines inclusive of all ancillaries and fittings.

Nissan V6 900 + BHP

Over the years Nicholson McLaren have built and rebuilt a number of Nissan V6 engines for Group C endurance racing. Producing in excess of 900 BHP these quad cam V6 motors are very highly engineered. We are delighted that they form part of our current client base.


The Cosworth XB engine started life as a turbo charged methanol fuelled motor for the late 1990’s Champ C Series. In total approx 40 – 50 engines were manufactured and in 2003 Nicholson McLaren was able to purchase the rights to the engine, complete engines and a complete spares package. Following the purchase Nicholson McLaren re-engineered the engine to be normally aspirated and run on regular pump fuel. Three variants were developed 2.8. 3.3 & 3.5 which were campaigned in LMP, Speed championships and Hill Climb. Having won numerous Championships in Europe and Australia over the years the NME XB continues to be an extremely competitive motor – one that we are very proud of.

Toyota GT86

The engineers at Nicholson McLaren are currently developing a performance enhanced upgrade of the GT86 engine that will be used for circuit racing in 2016. The standard normally aspirated 2.0 Boxer Engine produces 200hp, as part of our in house development the engine will be equipped with our own design specification internal components married to the introduction of a turbo charger and bespoke management package. Nicholson Mclaren engineers are expecting the engine will produce circa 550 BHP.

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