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The1974 USA Grand Prix

Oct 18, 2021 | Aviation

The 1974 United States Formula 1 Grand Prix was the final round of the 1974 FIA Formula One World Championship, held at Watkins Glen on the 6th October 1974. The race, which was also the 250th Formula One World Championship Grand Prix, would determine who was crowned Champion of 1974. Contenders for the title were Emerson Fittipaldi, Clay Regazzoni and Jody Scheckter.

The race was a gruelling finale to the Championship and tragically marred by the death of Helmuth Koinigg. Jody Scheckter’s Tyrrell developed a fuel leak, sending hime into the pits and out of contention for the championship title. With Regazzoni well down the order, Fittipaldi in his McLaren-Ford Cosworth could relax somewhat and secure the title by bringing his 3.0l DFV V8 powered F1 car home in fourth – enough to be proclaimed champion for the second time.

mclaren cosworth watkins glen 1974