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NMA holds UK CAA, EASA Third Country & FAA Approvals


NME XB V8 The Cosworth XB engine started life as a turbo charged methanol fuelled motor for the late 1990’s Champ C Series. In total approx 40 – 50 engines were manufactured and in 2003 Nicholson McLaren was able to purchase the rights to the engine, complete engines...

Jaguar XJR

Jaguar XJR 11 V6 Twin Turbo We are very proud to be associated with yet another of the great Jaguar Sports Proto Type racing cars. Having completed rebuilds on a number of XJR 11 V6 engines it is another motor that we are very experienced with. We currently have...

Nissan V6

Nissan V6 900+ BHP Over the years our engineers have developed, built and rebuilt numerous Nissan V6 Twin Turbo engines for Group C Endurance race cars such as the NISSAN liveried NPT-90 that was developed in 1990. Originally a highly successful engine developed for...

Toyota GT86

Toyota GT86 The engineers at Nicholson McLaren have worked on a number of GT86 engines. The standard normally aspirated engine develops 200hp, as part of an house development project the engine has been optimised to include the addition of a turbo charger and bespoke...


MATRA Iconic French thoroughbred powered by a magnificent V12 In the 1970’s the Matra designed MS76 V12 engine powered their MS 670 sportscars to race wins at Le Mans, the engine also powered the Matra MS 120 F1 cars and later the Ligier JS9 which was driven by...

Jaguar V12

Jaguar V12 – Lister Storm, Group C & Broadspeed Our engineers have a vast experience of working on the Jaguar V12 competition engines, indeed one of the team actually worked on the engines in period. Although it is an engine type that we work on currently, over...